Bringing My Egyptian Mau Home

July 2000

Right now I'm waiting for my little Egyptian Mau to come home. He is only about a week old. I don't have a name for him, yet. We've never met and it will be three more months before we finally do. Right now he is in Viriginia with his mother, Khepri, and father, Soleil, at a cattery called Emau. His breeder, Melanie Morgan, assures me that he'll gets lots of love and be a very friendly, cuddly cat.You can see photos of him on her website. Here are some specific photos of him, his siblings and his mother: one, two, three. (Remember, these are copyrighted by Melanie Morgan.) You can tell him from the rest because he is one of the two with a swirly pattern instead of spots. That is called a 'classic' pattern. It means he is most definitely a pet quality Egyptian Mau. Since that is what I want, I'm quite happy. Hopefully Melanie will put more photos of him on the website.

Even though my Mau won't arrive for months, I'm already preparing my home for him. To the left you can see Love Bear and Friend Bear checking out his litterbox. It is in my room but very near the bathroom. This way my human guests won't have to see it but it will still be easy to clean on a daily basis. Clean litterboxes make the house smell nicer.

The next photo is of Love Bear and Friend Bear playing with my little Mau's scratching post and toys. Not only will he be able to sun himself on the scratching post, the windowsills in my home are wide. I think he'll also enjoy the view. There are lots of trees but he'll be above them. The other things he'll like about my room are the toys. There will be lots of toys here. Right now I have one that we can play with together and one he can play with on his own. Scattered around the room are a few toy balls. He'll also enjoy eating from his own food and water dish and sleeping on the soft futon. My home will be wonderfully outfitted for him once he arrives. Right now I'm waiting for some clickers to arrive and reading about clicker training. Melanie says that clicker training is "especially good for a Mau as it would give them a chance to exercise their diabolically clever minds!"

One of the big challanges will be finding a ride for him from Louisa, Virginia to Seattle, Washington. Melanie Morgan insists that he ride in the cabin of an airplane with a human. I don't mind this requirement but it does make things a bit more difficult. I'm looking for a trustworthy human to transport my little Mau from the Emau Cattery to my home in October. Soon all my friends will receive a plea asking if they or any of their friends will be making such a trip. I hope so. I wish my little Mau were here already.

It is also worth mentioning that my friend Laura first introduced me to Egyptian Maus. She also acquired hers from the Emau Cattery. Her cat, Ethan, is a delight. You can see a photo of him at Laura's website.