Top Ten List "Why Esther Should Get an Emau"

1. Cats are wonderful but Emau's are amazing.

2. Esther loves to spoil cats. Now that she doesn't have her parents telling her what she can and can't do with her cats she is looking forward to spoiling her cat. Not rotten, but spoiled.

3. Esther's cat were always much better at encouraging Esther to clean her room than her mother.

4. Petting a cat is great therapy for preventing carpel syndrome.

5. An Emau would make a great excuse to eat lunch at home instead of at a restaurant or in the Microsoft's cafeteria.

6. Esther is happier when she has a cat. Other than those years since college, Esther always had a cat. Those cats always loved Esther.

7. Friend Bear and Love Bear are cuddly but they don't purr and you can't spoil them.

8. We all know the best alarm clock purrs and licks your face.

9. Esther needs a cat for all those cat toys she keeps buying.

10. Declan Macdega wants a friend that is smaller than him.