Esther Andrews
What Keeps Me Busy in my Free Time
Exercise. In November of 2000 I moved to a farm. Most of my exercise now involves mucking stalling, lunging horses, cleaning goat pens, horseback riding and gardening. I've even helped baby goats birth! If you'd like see photos of the animals, go to my landlady's website.
Volunteer Work. Work has become a bit hectic so I am taking a break from volunteering at
Gammie's Room
. Instead I spend an hour most mornings volunteering at Ben Rush Elementary. Since I drive by it on my way to work it fits into my schedule easily. Occaisionaly I volunteer at the
Seattle/King County Humane Society
or with the Washington Trails Association. The summer of 2000 I volunteered at PAWS.
Cooking and baking. I used to cook and bake a lot. I don't do it as often anymore. I do keep my recipes that people request from me up. Some of them just have a link to the cookbook the recipe is from or the link to the webpage with the recipe. No violations of copyright here. If they're not credited to someone else who owns that copyright, they're copyrighted by me.
Friends, family and other people worth mentioning. I keep these links so that I can easily keep track of these people. You can use the links to learn about them in their own words.
Me, watching goats in Massachusetts.
The goats I am watching.
Photos courtesy of Wendy Knox.
My two cats. Even before they arrived, these two kept me busy. For Caspian I have three webpages: Top Ten, Preparation, and his own page. I now have a page for both of my cats!
Classes. Right now I am finishing up a Video Editing class at BCC. This summer I'll be taking group guitar lessons. In the fall I will study Geography. Following that will probably be Geology. Funny, if you think you want to go back to school, you first have to go back to school.