Caspian the Navigator and Double Wave
my two kitties
My two kitties!
These are my two babies. Caspian is the silver classic tabby. Aslan/Turkey/Double Wave is the white with auburn van. Emau, a cattery in Virginia, is where Caspian was born. My little Turkey is more local. He is from Softspirits in Lake Stevens, Washington. While he doesn't have the charateristic spots, Caspian is an Egyptian Mau. He does have the Mau personality: friendly, cuddly, loves everyone. Aslan is a Turkish Van. Like most Turkish Vans, he is shy and quietly intelligent. The best way to get him to like you is to play with him using an interactive toy. He loves to relax in my lap whenever I'm home.

These two cats get along great. Their favorite game is tag. They take turns chasing each other around the house! Tackling each other is another favorite pasttime. Our home has a loft bed and occaisionally one of them will knock the other off it! They also tend to hide their favorite toys from each other. Despite all this activity, they still curl up together to sleep. Caspian is much happier now that he shares his home with another active cat.